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About Us

A meal prepared with the best ingredients, a chocolate babka that reminds you of your childhood aromas that fill the neighborhood. That is who we are at Gshmak Bakery we prepare everything with love. A traditional Challah baked fresh, a selection of pastries that make you remember the good old days! Gshmak Bakery is the greatest bakery and café you’ll find in Williamsburg rooted in authentic European roots. Born as a bakery Gshmak, which means delicious transformed into a bakery and cafe, now fully renovated back at its original location on Wallabout Street in Williamsburg, brings a modern edge to kosher restaurant, bakery and catering company.Don’t ask us our fans having been raving about their experience with us for nearly a decade. We welcome you to come visit us or order online now to experience the Gshmak difference yourself!  

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